Centuries of culture and intrigue.


History. Culture. Tradition. Art. Architecture. Cuisine. Scenery. Wildlife. Adventure. Asia's vast and diverse lands are sure to have something to tantalize even the most experienced traveler. City to country, ocean to mountain, ancient to modern, wonderment and intrigue abound at every turn.

From vibrant China and Japan to alluring Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, Asia offers unique travel experiences found nowhere else in the world. There are bucket list sites, to be sure: the Great Wall, high-tech Tokyo, Angkor Wat, the Taj Mahal, Mount Everest... the list is endless. However, there are also countless treasures to be discovered off the beaten path for anyone willing to explore.



Bali's genius is in its details, from the syncopated movements of its dancers to the exquisite woodcarvings of its artisans. The island's temples resonate with reverence while its many beaches attract surfers. Emerald-green rice paddies are a photographer's dream, as are the delightfully mischievous macaques of Ubud's Sacred Monkey Forest.


Gilded temples, silken textiles and cuisine bursting with mouthwatering flavors make Thailand a destination that awakens the senses. Its relaxed and sunny islands are the perfect counterpart to bustling Bangkok and the exotic elephant-centric river villages of the north. You'll never tire of its spiritual ambience or its scenery.

Hong Kong

This modern city built from an ancient civilization is filled with endless adventures. Taste Chinese delicacies at the colorful local markets, snag some deals in shopping heaven, cruise the harbor and enjoy all the excitement of daily Hong Kong life.


Explore Macao, a flourishing and beautiful city built with a strong historical background. In Macao you will experience the rich Chinese and Portuguese culture through various attractions, impressive monuments, grand temples, and delicious cuisine.

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